Why Did You Take All That Pain? | My Conversation with God


“Why did You take all that pain?”

I started a conversation with my Creator and He drew me into His inner circle. It was a pleasure that I could have a viable conversation with my Creator, but I had different questions in mind.

“Why did you take all that pain?”


I found His response difficult to understand. My Creator tapped me on the shoulder, called to me and said,Listen carefully. I will be handed over to the authorities, I will be jeered at, spit on, slapped and mocked, then I will be killed, but I will rise again”. I could not make sense of what he was talking about.

As if He had said nothing, He continued with his works. He continued to heal the sick. In fact, a blind man saw for the first time! The crowd applauded; the whole street rejoiced, shouting and jumping, “the blind man sees!”


Just in time the authorities thought they had a good reason to get rid of Him because He made the blind see on a holy day (It is an offence to do anything on a Holy day). Although the authorities had a case against him, they needed more evidence to support their claim. However, they could not come up with any major offence, He had just done good.


Trying to call our attention to the importance of your earlier statement it, You warned that temptation was around the corner and You prayed for us so that we do not give in. Yet, You found us all asleep and going about our business; not the business of the Creator.

The people you loved so much, showed up with swords and guns with a known friend in the lead. We know You could defend yourself, but You chose to stay quiet.

“Why did you take all that pain?”

You knew we will deny you, and we did. Still, you made a way for our come back. Your creation questioned your love, but you held still. Despite your love and peace towards us, we wanted you crucified.

“Why did you take all that pain?”


We got our wish. We poked you and made fun of you. We taunted you, made funny faces at you and nailed you to the cross, as a criminal. Yet, on the cross, You forgave us. Why bear such pain? You could have commanded legions of angels, but chose not to, because you were on an assignment.

You were born for this. You had to die a gruesome death on the cross so that we will have the newness of life. There is no way you could be our saviour if you did not go through the cross. The cross was the passageway to being born anew.

“Why did you bear so much pain?”


I did not fathom that your saving power would be this gruesome. You are a man beaten and tortured without saying a word. You are a man who knew pain first hand. You were burdened and disfigured with all my pain and other things that were wrong with me. You carried them to the cross. You took my sin, sickness and pain. You went through all that just for me. You took the punishment to make me whole and through your bruises, I am healed!


The reason you came was to give your life so that my life would be redeemed, this was your plan from the beginning. You paid the price for my life with your blood and I am grateful that you did it. Through your experience, I am made Righteous!

Thank you Jesus, for going to the cross!




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