The Search

Why in the world did I decide to put my thoughts, on what the Lord is teaching me into print? 

The goal of this blog is that every student of the Word should be well-trained in God’s kingdom to understand their purpose and know how to be effective in the race of life.

One bright and sunny morning, I noticed an emptiness in my heart and just how unhappy I actually was. Life was going on fine, I had good family support, my relationship with the Lord was growing, yet I was very unhappy. I could not figure out what to do.

My first thought was to go on Google to see if I could get help.


I was wondering if a Google search could answer some life questions that I had, or even teach me what I needed to do in that situation.

 Life would have been so easy, if Google could give directions on how to live effectively. I needed a word of encouragement to get me out of this rut I found myself in. I am sure you can also attest to into finding yourself in such rut sometimes, and needing the Word to get you going. 

It was in one of those moments of crying and searching that I got to understand how to get a hold of the roadmap for my life. I realized that life is a race. In a race there will always be obstacles, so to participate and win a prize, you need to avoid pitfalls. The race of life demands that you run, sometimes walk and even at times that you take a seat  to wait for the next instruction from the Lord. boss-fight-stock-photos-free-high-resolution-images-photography-women-woman-watching-waiting

With the word of God, think of yourself as the owner of a grocery store, who can go into the store to get anything she requires, old or new, exactly when necessary.


  1. My wonderful pastor, I appreciate you ma for being a role model, mentor, mother and positive influence to my life, well done ma.The Lord is your strength ma.

  2. Our darling Iya Yard, Ops! Sister Topsy, The Alli family is really proud of you ma. Good job n more grease to your elbow ma.
    God bless.

  3. My own very Special Precious Mommy, i am super excited for this initiative oohh and pray God continue to endow you with more Wisdom and insight, more Grace and God’s blessings as you impart life ma!
    Love from the Isafiade’s!

  4. Pastor T
    Congratulations! May God continually guide you to be a blessing to us and a vessel / tool to minister in this season.
    Thank you so much for honouring the call.
    We appreciate you and believe this “tiny treasure ” will raise many precious gems to the Glory of JEHOVAH❤️
    The love you have & the burden you have is palpable, and may God who sees the work you do behind the scene, reward you openly.
    Thank you ! Thank you and THANK YOU.

  5. Question Pastor T.,
    When you have searched the word for your purpose, and you find things that seems to align with what you think God is laying on your heart to do. When are you really sure that you’re on the right path?
    At the time of pursing that purpose, and faced with obstacles, at what point do you know that it just a challenge or test of faith and should probably continue to put prayer, energy etc into it or it’s not what God has planned for you and you may need to retrace your steps and go back to the drawing board. At what point do I rule out confusion and know that, yes, this is truly the plan and purpose of God for me or not?
    I hope my question is clear.

    I will appreciate a response Ma.
    Thank you!
    Toyin J.

    1. Hello Toyin,
      These are very thoughtful questions.
      This is a general answer( specific situations will demand more wisdom).
      You must know the voice of God and learn how to hear God first.
      You know you are on the right path, when you have a witness in your heart, when a prayer or word confirmation (through hearing of the word) confirms it in your heart. Whenever you are faced with an obstacle in the pursuit of destiny, you have an assurance from the scripture, it is a stepping stone to your next level. (David and Goliath).
      Always retrace your steps and seek the face of God if you keep hitting a pole.(The door might be right behind the pole).
      In the place of prayer, ask God the question and listen for his voice by reading the bible to know the next step to take.
      After you have done all, its time to stand and push forward.
      Put action to your believe. God’s will is very easy when you know His Will.

  6. Dear PTA

    I thank God for His grace and anointing upon your life and I thank you for submitting yourself to God as a vessel and tool to propagate the kingdom of God, Break boundaries to reach the unchurched, Uphold and sustain the righteous with God’s word on time and in season and to be as The voice of one crying in the wilderness: “Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert A highway for our God”.
    I pray The Lord renew and multiply His Anointing, Power, and Divine Wisdom upon You each and every day and renew your strength like that of an eagle, May His face shine upon You and I pray that your reward trickles down to your children and your children’s children in Jesus Mighty Name.
    Ma, You are surely Blessed and highly favoured

    Warm Regards
    T. Olutunfese

  7. Dear Pastor T,

    I am really enjoying reading these articles and continue to be blessed by them. I rally enjoyed the “Relax, you don’t have to have everything in control” article. Especially when we live in such a world that encourages more and more. I am definitely going to continue remembering this quote ” With the word of God, think of yourself as the owner of a grocery store, who can go into the store to get anything she requires, old or new, exactly when necessary.” That is very inspirational.
    May God continue to bless you and give you wisdom.
    Well done ma.

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