The Answer to that Disturbing Situation: The Word

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A few months ago, I was on a 140-year-old path in the woods. I was supplied with a map of the path to keep me on the right track, so that I will not get lost. As I studied the map, it got me thinking about the Word of God.

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I likened the map to the Word of God. God’s Word is the light that brightens our path. It leads us to the right path to take in life. To know the path that leads to goodness and joy, you need to read, study and mediate to understand the map. Ask yourself this question, “What map do I have? The map of man, created by man or the map of destiny created by God?” The map you follow will determine how you do life now and after.

The world is constantly dictating to us how to live and be successful, but the world does not have the blue print.

The true-blue print of how to do life is in the map that the Creator of the universe gave man- the Bible. Click To Tweet

Every child of God can defeat the world, and our faith is what gives us this victory. No one can defeat the world without having faith in Jesus as the Son of God. (1 John 5:4-5)

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There is a divine solution for every human challenge. The solution to every question life asks you is found through faith in God’s Word.

Faith in the Word
The Word of God is the unstoppable force of faith. When you tap into the power of God, your desire is delivered to you. His Word is the force that generates a good report.

The depth of your faith determines your level of authority Click To Tweet

Faith is the bridge that links the fullness of God to the emptiness of man. By faith, the divinity of God flows into our humanity, to birth unusual miracles in our lives.


God deals with Possibilities
All things are possible for those that believe. God can and will do anything for those that believe in Him. The limitation of what exploits we command, is on our side not on God’s side.

Failure is not the end of an issue, instead it is you learning how not to do it.

Failure is only permanent when you refuse to learn from an experience. Click To Tweet

Choose to be on the offensive not the defensive. Speak of what God can do not what you are incapable of doing.


What is your life devoted to?
Are you devoted to God or man? Every situation in your life is renewable by faith. By faith, you can command life’s storms to cease. Do not devote your life to a profession that has nothing to do with your talents. Devote your life to the Word of God. Recognize your gifts, strengths and talents and build on them through the Word. Never underestimate the gift in you.

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Without a specific Word on an issue, do not assume Faith! 
Only act after you have heard from God. The Word of God spoken into your spirit, is the power surge that gives substance to your faith. The distinctive declaration of God’s Word will build your confidence then, the manifestation to your desire is birthed.


Take the initiative about your day; never start it on neutral!
Make use of the time you are given on this earth. You have received the gift of time-one hour per time slot, seven days a week- to activate your desire. Your gift in the present is one hour at a time. Your future also comes one hour at a time therefore, make use of each hour productively. Study, read and mediate on the Word of God to give substance to your faith.

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You cannot add a hair or a day to your life; invest each hour to produce your desire.
Worry is the misuse of your imagination and it produces death. Dreams are the wise use of your imagination, which produce life.  Choose what you want to spend your imagination on.  Learn to dream and build with your imagination. Write out the vision and it will come to pass.

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Let God direct your life. The answer to that disturbing situation is not in the World, but in the Word of God. Click To Tweet

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