Staying Power


Fear, pain, anger and bitterness almost tore my world apart until I found the courage to walk away from my life and follow Jesus Christ a few years ago. I chose to pursue my dreams, because I would rob the world of the gifts and talents God deposited in me, if I did not. I refused to be afraid to step out. I will be bold and courageous!

Very early in life, I realized, there are only two passages that lead to unearthing the treasure in you- the courage to walk away from your life and the courage to follow Christ.


The courage to walk away from your life is to move away from distractions and take purposeful strides towards destiny. Distraction chokes destiny and kills potential. Stay away from distractions and follow Jesus. Always ask this question in any situation you find yourself:

What would Jesus do?

Sometimes, the passages you walk through in life are the doors of opportunities. You either have the confidence to walk through those doors, or you die in mediocrity. Be prepared to do your part in life. Don’t worry about what you cannot do. Simply focus on what you can do and God will do what He does best.


The world is hungry for confident people. Confident people are courageous people. The world is looking to you for inspiration on how to live life, because of the life of Christ in you. You are not to look to the world on how to live.

Christ in you is the hope of glory. Colossians 1:27 (NKJV)

I know many will say that it is unbecoming for a woman to be confident. I get it! However, our confidence is not in ourselves, but in Christ.

What we focus on determines what we become. I have a lot of weaknesses, but I choose not to focus on them. I am aware of them, but I choose to concentrate on my strengths and build on them. That way, I feel the strength that comes from above (God).


Failing is like a stench from a dirty river; it is murky, slimy and painful. However, failing at a thing does not make me a failure. It is an avenue for me to know “how-not-to-do” it. I am not a failure. I give myself the permission to explore other things and discover what I am best suited for.

The first time you try something, you might not get it right, but as John Maxwell says, “We fail forward”. You may fail at an event, but note that failure is not your station. Failure is the uncharted road to your destination, which is success.


The road to success is rocky, it is filled with trials and errors, but you cannot travel that road without driving your car (life). There are walls that block the road but don’t be frightened of the roadblocks. Focus on God to help you scale or knock them down.


Life is about being ready to take risks and recover from setbacks with much determination. Sometimes, the only way to know your path in life is to try different things until you find your sweet spot.


Recovering from pain and disappointment is a decision you make with the determination to move forward. Once you make the decision to gather the fragments of your life and give them to Christ, make sure your pain is not wasted. Do not wait for something to happen. Make things happen by acting!


Fear is the weapon of mass destruction that Satan has unleashed in this end time. We tend to fear what will happen, although what we fear has not materialized but is a figment of our imagination. Once this happens, we feel defeated, ready to give up and walk away. When fear knocks on your door, let faith open it!

You are a faith filled engine.

Move with confidence to your next station in life. Look fear in the face and declare boldly:

“I refuse to fear! Everything will work out in my favour!”




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