Prayer for a Godly Spouse

  1. Praise and Worship to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit

  2. Meditate on these scriptures and Pray

    Prayer Points

  • God of new beginnings, this is a new year, a new season, do a new thing in my life concerning marriage

  • Let the root of every evil thought against me wither away in the name of Jesus

  • Those laughing me to scorn shall witness my testimony, in the name of Jesus


  • I break the yoke of curses over my life and over my generation in Jesus name.

  • Let the destructive plan of enemies aimed against my marital status be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

  • Let the cause of my ridicule be converted into a miracle in the name of Jesus


  • Let the evil strongman delegated to work against me, be rendered powerless and useless in the name of Jesus

  • Let the stronghold of every spirit of Korah, Dathan and Abiram militating against me be smashed in the name of Jesus

  • Let all satanic manipulations aimed at changing my destiny be frustrated in the name of Jesus


  1. Hello Pastor Topsy:)

    Thank you for sharing the message today. It was exactly want I needed to hear. I get lots of emails in the morning for work but I usually delete the ones that don’t look familiar. I was curious when I saw the message from Topsy( welcome to treasure things) I actually deleted it but my spirit told me to bring it back and read it.

    I have been feeling restless lately, wondering where is my mate!!! But as the word says no one shall luck her mate, I will meditate on that.

    May God continue to bless you as your empower us

    1. Hello Noella,
      Thanks for the comment.
      The good Lord will answer you with speed in Jesus name.
      You will have a testimony in Jesus name.

  2. Dear Pastor Topsy,
    Thank you for your post on the prayer for a Godly spouse. I prayed the prayers and I believe God’s word. We matured singles need encouragement. I have been holding onto God’s word for a long time and I know that God is not a man that He should lie neither the son of man that he should repent. The word is just what I needed. Lately I have been praying about my destiny and future and the word you gave was very timely. We appreciate you.

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