Why am I not getting answers to my Prayers?

Tara had been praying for a godly partner, amongst other things, for about five years. However, there seemed to be no answer. She asked God this question,

“Why are my prayers not answered?”

She received the answer to her question, which I have expanded below:

Imagine a house belonging to a strong man with slaves and stolen goods in his house. The strong man is in control of his house so, a stronger man has to come to the scene to free the slaves and stolen goods or freedom is impossible.

Or how can anyone go into a strong man’s house and steal his property unless he first overpowers and ties up the strong man? Then he will ransack and rob his house. (Matthew 12:29, AMP)


How can a person gain entrance into a strong man’s house? Gaining entrance into the strong man’s house doesn’t mean you will get the slaves, or the stolen goods or even come out alive. Jesus said to first “bind the strong man”- tie him up, put a blindfold on his eyes and gag him, then you can free the slaves and take your stolen goods.

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A strong man is one that unlawfully holds a legal claim to things that belong to another. If you are experiencing difficulties in different areas of your life or not seeing the breakthroughs you expect in your family, please deal with the strong man!


Take a minute to check out Daniel’s strategy to binding the strong man:

Daniel, like Tara had to set his heart to understand the matter at hand (whatever that matter may be for you, this is the first step in prayer). Daniel had prayed and believed God. He continued in prayer for 20 days and saw nothing until an angel came in response to his words on the 21st day. This happened because Daniel did not keep quiet, he kept his confession going regardless of the situation.

(Daniel 10:12-13)


Any situation that refuses to change after persistent prayer might involve a strong man. A “strong man” is a satanic force or demon against your progress, health, children, etc.

The strong man’s aim is to hinder prayers and stop the fulfilment of God’s purpose for His people. Click To Tweet

There is however, a much stronger man – Jesus Christ, our Saviour.


Sometimes, bad things persist in our lives because the strong man is at work. Like Daniel, you receive an answer the first time you pray concerning an issue. Angels are immediately dispatched to execute the answer, in response to your words. However, the kingdom of darkness will attempt to hinder this process. This hindrance may manifest in the natural as delay, denial, disfavor, depression, hopelessness, negative confessions, etc.


Understand that the interplay of actions occurring in your life in the natural realm, have transpired in the spiritual realm first. As a Christian, you are equipped with the spiritual weaponry needed to attack the kingdom of darkness and stop any demonic opposition against you. There are various spiritual weapons.  One is the word of God. When spoken in faith, it’s like God Himself is speaking. Another is the name of Jesus. When used in faith, it releases a tremendous force that destroys Satan.



To defeat the “strong man” in any challenge, there are principles to follow:

  1. Ask God to reveal the strongman to you. Don’t be afraid, ask for understanding from God’s Word.
  2. Submit yourself to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7)
  3. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Speak the language of the Spirit during prayer.
  4. Watch and Pray. Be sober minded. Be a true disciple of Christ. Cast away frivolous talk, and control your tongue. (1 Peter 5:8)
  5. Give him no place. Do not allow the devil a foothold; don’t give him room to bring negative thoughts to you. Do not give Satan room to help explain things away in the natural. Engage the supernatural on all issues of life. (Ephesians 4:27)

Remember, you are an overcomer! The strong man was defeated over two thousand years ago on the cross, but you need to contend with the strong man in battle.

Launch an attack!




The inheritance is yours! Take it!

Deuteronomy 2:24



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  1. Thank you for sharing. May the Almighty and Powerful father of heaven and earth, give you a continual river of fresh anointing. May he bless you in every way like he did with Abraham.

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