My Confessions

I give thanks to my Father because…

  • I have received Christ Jesus as my Lord.
  • I am qualified to be a partaker of the inheritance
  • I have been delivered from the power of darkness and transferred to the Kingdom of Light
  • I have redemption through the Blood of Jesus.
  • I have been forgiven through the Blood of Jesus.

  • I know Christ in me is the hope of Glory
  • I cannot be put to shame! My heart is encouraged in Christ Jesus.
  • I am bound together in love in Christ
  • I have the full assurance of understanding of the knowledge of the mystery of God the Father and Christ.
  • I have access to the hidden treasure of wisdom and knowledge in Christ Jesus.

  • He has disarmed principalities and powers and put them to shame all on my behalf
  • I have the zeal of God.
  • I will not be cheated off my reward!
  • I seek those things that are above.
  • My mind is set on things that are in Heaven. I refuse to be tied to the earthly realm.

  • I am a new man. My mind is constantly renewed in the knowledge of God.
  • I am a spirit being. I am made according to God’s image.
  • I am committed to putting on love as my clothing.
  • I have the peace of God. I do not fret. I am not anxious or confused.
  • The Word of God dwells in me richly.
  • I am submissive to all authority. I refuse to be part of any form disobedience or rebellion. Click To Tweet
  • I am not a “man-pleaser.” I serve God completely from my heart.
  • I redeem the time. I do not waste time. I use time wisely!
  • I refuse to allow anger malice or foul language to dominate my life.
  • My speech is cautious and graceful. No foul talk comes from my mouth.
  • I labor in prayers always that I may stand perfect and complete in Christ.
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