Mama, you are so beautiful! I watched you do motherhood with grit and grace. You are a treasure!

Mama, where have you been?! I looked everywhere for you but was told you had to go on a long journey. I miss you so much, especially today, Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

You looked at me sternly, but with love in your eyes and said:

“You will understand when you have your own children”


I did not appreciate the full importance of your statement until recently.

Mama, you did not know how to fix me during my wild episodes as a teenager yet, you tried. You tried to understand me, but it took a lot from you. You offered guidance because you did not want me to make mistakes, but I refused to be guided. I put you through a lot because I would not listen. I saw the guilt when you had to leave us in the daycare to go to work. You were married but single; what a paradox- “married-single-mama”.



Guilt took advantage of your gentle soul. You felt inadequate as a mother but I disagree.  You were the best mama ever!

I remember you dropped everything to go with me on my first day of school. I loved my “morning sleep” but you patiently woke me up to get ready for school. That morning, I forgot my folders at home and you drove 90 mins to bring them to me.


Despite your demanding schedule, you dressed up every morning, eager to start the day. You were always quick to help whenever anyone required it.

I love you mama!

You loved being a mother but there were times you dreaded it. You were afraid of making mistakes raising me because you wanted me to become an excellent woman. You taught me to be poised and the boys to stand tall as men. Your dream came true mama! You are blessed!


I love you mama and I will always love you. You are worth more than diamonds; I love you without any reservation.

I love you Mama!



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