When Life Takes You through its Own Path, Stay Disciplined!

I woke up very early to listen to the sound of birds and gentle ocean waves creating a harmonious song. I love the early morning breeze as I walk on the ocean. I meditate early in the morning- it’s a “me-time” with Jesus. I had not walked as much as I did in those few days I spent in a tiny medieval town. However, that experience left an impression and I have not stopped walking since then.

There were paths laid out in the town and walking was the only way to get around. The streets were so narrow that people could hardly move without bumping into each other. During this observation, I heard the quiet, small, still voice whisper, “when life takes you through its own path, what do you do?”  Stay disciplined.

Life has its path mapped out for you, which is mostly filled with distractions. This is where you require a dose of discipline.

Discipline is self-control, focus and courage in dealing with everyday life. Discipline is doing the right thing, though you do not feel like it. It is getting rid of the passions and desires that hinder you from walking the godly path.

Woman, do not forget the lifeline given to you – discipline.

Discipline is needed to live an effective Christian life. In fact, you require discipline to do anything in life. It takes discipline to step out of bed daily. You need the discipline to accomplish difficult tasks when faced with “legitimate distractions.”

Today, there are more Christian women in the church, workforce and more of us occupying leadership roles in our careers. It will be tragic if all we accomplish in this age revolves around “playing church” and the mundane things of life and rather than impacting lives.

There are treasures hidden in you, that only discipline can mine. Treasures are not found on the surface. You need to dig deep to get a costly treasure. Digging deep requires discipline, which leads to frustration if it’s not cultivated. Furthermore, you will be unable to unearth the purpose for your being.

Not utilising your talents is as good as not having any. Click To Tweet A woman with great gifts, who refuses to step out with courage and discipline herself, but is instead held down by fear, causes her gifts to lie dormant.


We were not created to be lazy or uncommitted to life. Paul, the apostle, said this, “this one thing I do.” In other words, “this is one thing I am committed to.”

You have this wonderful dream deposited in your heart by your Savior. Yes, you want to achieve that dream, but indiscipline is stopping you from moving forward. What do you do?

After dealing with the costly price of indiscipline, I decided to change my life by applying some self-control to my life:

  1. A disciplined life gave me power over “everyday living.” I cultivated the power of Habit by following a 21-day plan of daily tasks I needed to accomplish since some scientists say it takes 21 days to form a habit.
  2. I became disciplined in selecting what was most important. I acted on my priorities by deciding on the most important tasks and sticking to them. I spoke to my body to align itself with my plan.
  3. I disciplined my feelings. I checked them at the door. I do not allow my feelings to rule me. I allow the word of God to rule me. Click To Tweet
  4. I disciplined my speech. I cautioned my mouth. Only wholesome talk that built people was allowed in my mouth. I put my belief system under scrutiny always, so my mouth does not produce negative words.
  5. I became disciplined in God’s Word. I decided to engage my heart by studying the word of God, so I could transform my belief system by changing the way I think.

P.S. One of the ways we mine the treasure in us is, by placing ourselves in the right atmosphere where we are equipped with the right tools of engagement. One of such environments is a conference called “Treasure” 😊 taking place in May. This conference is designed to bring out the hidden talents you have discarded or don’t know exist. To find out more details on how you can participate, click here.


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