I am grateful

I recently celebrated a milestone in my life that encouraged me to think about my life’s journey so far. I am filled with GRATITUDE. God has been faithful to me over the years and I decided to list some of the reasons for my gratitude. However, it is important to note that gratitude should be a constant factor in our lives. We should not wait to cross milestones before we give thanks to God. Here are some of the reasons I am grateful:

  • I am grateful to God for saving me.
  • I am grateful to God for empowering me to help people understand God’s message and respond to it.
  • I am grateful for a good life.
  • I am grateful that God has me in mind and I am the focus of His love
  • I am grateful that Christ in me, is the hope of glory


  • I am grateful I am in Christ, I know who I am and what I am living for.
  • I am grateful for a wonderful family.
  • I am grateful I have the life of God in me.
  • I am grateful He died for me.
  • I am grateful I am a mother.


  • I am grateful for hope, faith and joy.
  • I am grateful I am content in God.
  • I am grateful He loves me before I loved Him.
  • I am grateful I can pray in times of trouble.

  • I am grateful for the good work God has started in me.
  • I am grateful my prayers are rooted in God’s reality.
  • I am grateful my love is flourishing in God.
  • I am grateful I love God and people.
  • I am grateful I live a love-filled life, a life Jesus will be proud of.
  • I am grateful I can celebrate God, people and myself.
  • I am grateful that I am alive and there is good work for me to do in Christ.

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  1. Dear Pastor Tope, I rejoice with you for another milestone, You shall continue to be taught by the Lord. May you always be celebrated. Joy unspeakable will forever be your portion. Amen.
    I am grateful for being saved by the Lord and so much more.

    Also, I am grateful for you. Remain truly blessed ma.
    Dayo Durowaye.

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