I am a Treasure

This past weekend, we had a wonderful time in God’s presence as women.

Can we talk about the music ministration by Jonathan Nelson? Wow!! The power of God moved mightily like never before!! He had us on our feet and our knees!

The Altar of Solution was powerful!! We prayed for our children and against misfortune!

Now the WORD!!

Pastor Atoyebi was direct and insightful! She did not mince words in explaining the importance of knowing who a treasure is and what we are expected to do as treasures!

Pastor Wale spoke prophetic words into our destiny. Our lives can never remain the same!

DR Jasmin Sculark aka Dr. JAZZ was amazing! God used her to perform spiritual healing on deep seated issues that we had carried for a long time!

Here are some more fun shots of this weekend

This year was great but next year will be even better! I am inviting you to “Refresh 2018.”

I strongly believe there is a promise of satisfaction to the tired soul. I believe the weary soul shall be filled with hope and peace. So make sure you sign up for more information on the conference here.

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  1. There was an exchange at the alter of solution.
    Thank God for the exchange.

  2. Beautiful!!! this was an amazing conference. I was blessed and i’m so looking forward to #Refresh2018. Big Kudos to God, Pastor Wale, Pastor Tope and the HOPraise family for an amazing event.

  3. It was an awesome time in the presence of the Lord with wonderful and blessed sisters.

  4. Ecstatic experience in the presence of God. The revelation of the sick 12 years old girl and the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years………God heals the sick child in you in order to make you the woman He wants you to be, in addition God will give you double blessings by putting W in front of your painful hole and make you WHOLE . “Go dig again” not only dig, but dig and get water (success) A revelation right from the throne. Amazing I can’t get over it.

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