Et Tu Brute?


“Et tu, Brute?”  is a Latin phrase meaning “you too, Brutus?” This was the last word of the Roman dictator – Julius Caesar– to his friend, Marcus Brutus, at the moment of his assassination. This signifies the utmost unexpected betrayal by a friend.

Even my best friend, the one I always told everything —he ate meals at my house all the time! —  has bitten my hand. (Psalm 41:9)


How can I describe betrayal to you? Betrayal is a sad word. Thinking about the word brings pain into your heart. Betrayal has its root in insecurity, which can make you do things that are dead wrong.

Insecurity can get you into the worst relational nightmare imaginable. Temptations will come so, transparency is key in any relationship. Take extra precaution to conduct your affairs with hindsight. Ensure your actions are laced with grace and dignity. Whatever you cannot do or say public, don’t do or say in private! Watch your steps!

Boundaries and loyalty are the antidotes to betrayal. To keep betrayal at bay, be forthright in saying “No” and meaning it regardless of what others think. The rule of thumb in dealing with betrayal is this- Don’t indulge in whatever you would be ashamed of, if found out. Develop a culture of loyalty in all areas of your life.

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I was shocked to see betrayal in the scripture; no one is above its sting. The author of life was stung by betrayal. During a meal with His disciples, as they sat around the table bonding, He made a profound statement –

“One of you will betray me.”

The thought of someone betraying  the author of life sounds unpardonable. Nevertheless, if He could be betrayed, then, you are not off the list.

He was adept at intuition and discernment so, He knew who would betray him.

“The one who will betray me is sitting with me now, passing me bread to eat. He plays games with me, comes to my house regularly and claims to love me!”

The betrayer is not outside your domain; he’s close to you. Be watchful!

I thought hard and long about this and concluded that disloyalty led Judas on the path of betrayal. Stress and attention seeking are offshoots of disloyalty, which lead people to betray a friend.

I once spoke to a friend who had betrayed her husband.

She had been married for 20 years but got tangled in an affair. She constantly sought her husband’s attention, expecting that all he would think about, every waking moment, is her. She needed to prove her attractiveness to herself.


She was set on the goal and achieved it by having an affair. She had an affair with herself. Her affair lasted several years. It included spending recklessly, drinking, clubbing, smoking and flirting with men. She was into things that were demeaning and perverse.

Her husband discovered the affair after several years and he could not understand what lead his wife to the betrayal.

How can we conquer betrayal?

1.Learn to cultivate unflinching loyalty.  A loyal person does not destroy what they have built. Don’t destroy what you have labored to build because you’re angry or feel you’re in the right about a situation.

2.Control your emotions.You cannot get the best from a thing when you destroy it with your words. Build your life, build your home; don’t destroy it!

3. Abandon the vicious habit of making yourself look good in comparison with others. Turning every other person into a rival must stop! Life is not about competing against others; you are competing against yourself. We are on different lanes in life. Learn to run on your lane.

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4.Make life worth living for people. Have an unbiased affection for others, a sense of compassion from the heart. Do not force your way on others.

5.Losing your dignity over bitterness and envy is not worth your time. Keep your dignity. The enemy knows without your dignity intact, you cannot manifest purpose or who you are in Christ Jesus.

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Determine to be loyal to a cause, friends and family. A wavering reed has no root. It keeps wavering until it dies. Choose the kind of life you want to live. A Spirit filled life is the way to go!

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