Don’t Run On Empty!


One Sunday evening, on my way from church, I heard the blast of the police and fire truck sirens, right behind me. Suddenly, the car in front of me was on fire! I got a grip of myself and moved like a robot, without understanding how. I later learned the car was running on empty gas.

Sometimes, you feel like you are running on empty amid a fire, without anyone to rescue you. Life can be like a house on fire. People are all around, trying to rescue you but all their efforts seems to be so slow.


The fire is burning and all efforts to rescue prove impossible. Here you are thinking, “all I need is someone who can brave the fire to rescue me! All I need is someone that can be in the fire with me!”

You are trying to run out but the fire has consumed the whole house. You feel choked with smoke. The doors are locked. You look around; the fire is still blazing but it is not burning you. This is unbelievable!


The fire of stagnation, tribulation, barrenness, confusion, sickness might be burning, but Jesus is in the fire with you! Don’t run on empty! In times of trials and tribulations, fill your heart with praise and HIS promises!



If it be so, our God whom we serve can rescue us from the furnace of blazing fire, and He will rescue us from your hand, O king.  (Daniel 3:17)

Shedrach, Meshach and Abdenego were thrown into a blazing fiery furnace because of their belief. The fire that was meant to kill them brought about their promotion.

Just like He said to them, each time the fire starts burning, He says to us:

“Trust me”

We may feel troubled over the fires of life, but Jesus is always there with us. He often asks us to cast our burdens upon the Him and He will sustain us; He will not allow us to be shaken. (Psalm 55:22)


When hope seems lost and anxiety fills your heart; when it looks like the fire of life is closing in on you, do not keep quiet. Ask God to reveal Himself to you in the situation. Remember His promises and speak them out loud.

We have all wept over situations we face. There are times, I have cried out to God and wondered why He was not doing anything about the situation. At such times, He speaks into my heart saying:

“Do not give up”

I realized that when I am about to give up thinking, there might be no way out, I see Him as the fourth man in the fire. He tells me to hold on tight as there is a blessing after the flames; it is called Promotion.


When I want to give up, He tells me to take my eyes off my situation, put my trust in Him and dream of the possibilities, not the difficulties I am facing. God knows exactly what I need in the fire. He has a purpose for my pain.

When the enemy says that the fire will destroy me, God tells me to step forward and reminds me that He is my strength and my comfort. I hear Him speak into my heart saying:

“Endure, this shall also come to pass”


To gain God’s perspective in trials and tribulations, we need endurance, which is made up of 2 things: Patience and Staying Power.

Patience is required to evade the fiery darts of the enemy. Endure the scorching pain of the flames, by waiting and trusting God without wavering. You also need staying power, to keep holding on to the promises of God amid the fire.

No matter how difficult things become, have the staying power to wait on Him!




  1. Yes!Jesus also beared pains -for our solutions, comforts and salvation and overcame all d terrible situations to become a Victor. Thanks for d blessing in this message ma. More annoiting

  2. This blessed my morning. I’m learning to be patient and trust that God will come through for me, which is definitely not the easiest thing to do but that to is a process.

  3. This write up confirm that God is in every situations hang on to HIM and the promises.Thank you ma more annointing.

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