Be the Miracle!

The miracle season is here!

What a wonderful morning Christmas morning is.  A morning that the whole world acknowledges the birth of Christ, my saviour. A joyful morning indeed! Christmas time is family time, and waking up to snow trimmed windows is a bonus! I love being with family, where no one is in a hurry and unimportant things are put on hold.

I love to wake up to a well-decorated tree that signifies my saviour being hung on the cross, and the outcome being the gift of eternity to man. Seeing gifts under that tree, brings me even more joy. A sumptuous family breakfast or brunch on a special day like Christmas goes further to shows us how great it is to finally relax from the continuous labouring we do throughout the year. What a lovely time!





The opening of presents is my favourite thing on Christmas day.  But lately, I’ve been thinking: “what do I need all these fancy items for?” There is just so much fuss about spending frivolously at this time of year.

“I need a refund, I just found something bigger and better that I want”

Hmm! Seriously!  So I decided to do something different this year. I received a much-needed jolt of life and these questions popped into my head:

“Is the spending that goes into Christmas worth it?”

“Where was Christ in all I was doing?”


Jesus gave us courage in his earthly walk. He touched the blind, the lepers, and the sick in mind. Everywhere He turned, He touched lives. I decided to touch lives this season by spending less on ‘gifts’, and more of my resources on the gift of mankind- People. Not just anybody, but the vulnerable of our society.

Jesus loves them, I love them.

I thought to myself, there are people that see Christmas as just another day. Nothing changes for them, instead they feel lonelier. The fact that they have no family or friends becomes more apparent during this season. They have nothing to spend or spare.

As my Master went looking for people like this (as we are able to read about my times in the Word), I am also taking it upon myself to look for them in this season. This is my time to practice the lessons I learned from my saviour.


I call on you my friends, to join me and spread the love of Christ in this season. Please join me in the #ARK – “Acts of Random Kindness” for the next 21 days.  In the #ARK, there are few people to help, but outside the #ARK, we can spread our influence. Together, we can put a smile on people’s faces.


With a smile, we can encourage the woman thinking of how to pay her rent.  With a 5-minute chat, we can share the love of Christ with the homeless man looking for loose change. With a cup of coffee, we can show a stranger who is so lost in thought, that Jesus cares and so do we. We have the ability to cover the shame of an embarrassed home-maker counting change, in hopes of having enough to pay for groceries. Join me in feeding the homeless or volunteering at soup kitchens.

Please join me to be THE MIRACLE IN SOMEONE’S LIFE.






  1. So true! Afterall love gave us salvation. Love gave us Christmas. Christmas means love. God is love and like the song says ….make each moment of my day tell of who You are that the world may know this God of love!

  2. Mama Tope thank you for this wonderful inspirational challenge. May we be broken bread and poured out wine for our Saviour in the “ARK” We are His hands extended and as Pastor Wale said there are 7 types of underprivileged to help especially at this time of the year. May our eyes and heart be opened to see the ARK opportunities and that we would not miss them as our Saviour brings them in our life.
    God bless you in excess!!!

  3. Thanks very much for this challenge. I am not only going to do it. I am going to include the children. Just registered to volunteer at the food bank. No matter how bad you think it is there is someone out there that can use your. Let’s keep this momentum going.

  4. Indeed, this is a reminder that our God is love, if only we can love others as He has loved us. #ARK is how we show God’s love. God grant me the grace fulfill this all the days of my life IJN.

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