5 Steps to get Prayer to do Mighty Things

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Prayer can be a chore if you do not have a good knowledge of God. Your expectations might be lower than the endless possibilities in your life because of your ignorance of the willingness and abilities of your God.

God raises the dead and calls those things that be not as those things that were. (Romans 4:17)

I met Sheila, who was an intercessor (someone who prays for others) in her church. Sheila was not always an intercessor or prayer person. She was a carefree, free-spirited woman, who always attended parties and lived life as it came. A turn in her life came when a hit-and-run drunk driver struck Sheila and her little brother. It was a ghastly accident which should have taken their lives, but did not.

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The experience shook Sheila because the Holy Spirit instructed her to pray that morning. It was a small nudge, so she said a short prayer to satisfy her conscience.  It was a learning curve on hearing God speak for Sheila.

From then on, she committed her life to prayer.  She prayed for things, lost souls, for circumstances to change; and there was a big change.  Sheila will tell you firsthand that prayer works.

Sheila believes the force that gets things done on earth in any circumstance is Prayer. The only thing that stopped the car from crushing them was the force of prayer.

What is the force of prayer?

 For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You, in a time when You may be found; Surely in a flood of great waters (trial and distressing times). They shall not come near him. You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance

(Psalms 32:6-7)

The force of prayer pushes the hands of Satan back. Prayer is strongest, when we pray in the name of Jesus. The distinction between a prayer that gets results and one that does not, is that the former pays the price for the desire e.g. by prayer and fasting, while the price might be too much for the latter, hence no result.

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Prayer does mighty things, but you need to understand the rules that make prayer work:

 1. Cultivating God’s Presence: Be still and know He is Lord. Time in God’s presence is your protection, your stability and place of refuge. To cultivate His presence, you can listen to godly music and/or sermons to build your spirit man.

2. Go to the Throne Room: Jesus always went away to pray alone. Are you hurt? Talk to your Father. Are you upset? Go to your Father and spend time with Him.  Go to the throne room or Heaven’s courtroom to receive judgement on the enemy.

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3. Take authority over the kingdom of darkness: When you are attacked, go into the throne room and talk to God. Your attacker is Satan, not people. When doors need to open in a particular area of your life, go to the throne room and get your inheritance. Speak in an unknown tongue and see what peace you will get.

“For one who speaks in an [unknown] tongue speaks not to men but to God”-  1 Corinthians 14:12

4. Speak the word: The Holy Spirit needs the Word of God in your mouth to create your desired result. Watch the words that proceed from your mouth. The word you were speaking in your yesterday is what is working your today. Words are the containers of power and authority.

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5. Submit yourself to God and to man. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Do not be disobedient; submit to authorities over your life.

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Dear Treasured Jewel, how do you plan to improve your Prayer life in 2017?


  1. Thanks a lot woman of God . Jehovah would increase your anointing this is a new beginning for me I appreciate you and my prayer life would never be the same again

  2. This was a wonderful message, a word for me in this season. I agree with Buky, at times when there is so much going on, it is very overwhelming and I feel heavy and burdened. I shutdown. I have come to understand by PWA that this is from the enemy to close up my mouth and oppress me. In those times Sis Buky, I call a sister in the Lord to pray for me, listen to some worship music which ushers me into God presence and I just worship/praise Him and have a good cry lol. I feel much better after and then I can pray.
    Thank you Mama Tope for the vessel and honorable woman of God that you are and the wisdom that God has bestowed you with.

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