Come right in, let’s talk!

Treasure Things By Tope Akinsiku (Topsy)-01

I thank God you are here! 

My heart is telling me we will have a great time together!

You are beautiful, you are strong, you are amazing, simply gorgeously amazing! I know you are looking for a little love, a little joy, a little peace and goodness, a little of everything to make life worth living. I get it. I am with you on this, sometimes I find it difficult to understand how to use the tools I have in the Word of God.

Different issues confront me at every point in time, I guess it’s the price we pay for living in a broken world. Yes, the world is broken and we are broken vessels in God’s hand, but we can live a whole life in Christ Jesus. I am glad our paths has crossed.

I am Tope Akinsiku

A little different hey, well my friends call me Topsy , a Pastor’s wife, a mother to my lovely son, a bit of a mess, but looks like I have it all together.  It’s okay, but I know my God has my life planned regardless of the mess.

A Pastor’s wife, A Pastor myself, the P’s have always been chasing me. I married a Pharmacist who later became a Pastor. He is a gift to me and to our generation. The two P’s in my life now is Parenting and Pastoring , which can be very demanding, but I know, I am blessed and choose to be a blessing.

My honest gut feelings, how did I get here?

I did my high school diploma and failed, did it a second time with a lot of tutoring then I passed. Eventually made it into the university after 2years, then failed again, on probation, before I met my Saviour. Schooling was a chore for me. I guess now, after several years, it is a learning difficulty thing, I never knew that and it did not stop me…. two masters degree under my belt. God is good.

No dreams, No ambition. Far away was a future I was trying to make sense of and understand. Jobless and confused, my only asset was a Bible, then I started to read…… I became obsessed about the story of Joseph and the Word of God as a whole. I was determined to find a meaning to my life.

It’s a pleasure to have you and I walk this journey together looking for treasure things that will enhance our lives.



2 Corinthians 4:7
God has placed an invaluable treasure in you. Join me to discover, extract and refine it.
Remain Blessed!